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YES Ring

  • Who said YES?

    Hand-carved signet ring with antiqued YES lettering.


    Wear daily for subtle infusion of positivity!


    • US size 7(one-size only)
    • Sterling Silver
    • Handmade in New York
  • Open House Projects


    Behind the brand, is the maker Monika Wyndham who resides between New York and California. Started in 2014 with some sketches and a love for the lost wax casting method, first learned in a small scale sculpture class at University of Hawaii. Her new work is often made at odd hours in hotels, on picnic benches, and in cars. Her excitement for her designs come from moving parts, pieces that click, rattle, and fit together in satisfying ways. Her designs are like no others, created with everyday visuals of acquantaince and encounter.

    Each pieces are casted in certified recycles metals using lost wax method, each material soured from local family own business.


    Every carved piece is lifted by hand out of piece of wax. 

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