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1.        WHO WE ARE

s l o [sloh]


1. sustainable lifestyle objét 

2. curating handmade, environmentally conscious design by independent makers - ethical minimalist jewellery and sustainable home goods

3. concept to promote a conscious effort in ethical ways of creating a thoughtful and minimal lifestyle

4. reflection of slow living, slow making, and mindful | sustainable living

s l o [sloh]


2.        OUR ETHOS

s l o believes that there is a story to everything - it's just a matter of where to turn to.  


We curate functional designed home goods and jewellery by independent makers from all around the world. We introduce the world of makers and is inspired by pieces that are s l o wly created by recycled and ethical sourced materials as well as handmade in their local studio. We believe each work is a piece of art and each tells its' story.

These are the things we surround ourselves with in our daily lives. What if we learn their story? and tell their story to others? This is our first step to mindful living; and bring awareness to our thoughtful living. 

s l o hopes to bring you timeless sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime! We are a community of those who favors or seeks a (slo)wer lifestyle.

handmade sustainable bags
sustainable slow living lifestyle store

3.        OUR STORY

s l o is inspired by a new kind of lifestyle of conscious sustainable slow living. 

Japanese born and growing up in different parts of the world, we had created ourselves to adapt in various cultures, history, religion, mindset, communities, and ideas. It is easy to get carried away in the busy streets, crowded transportations, by passing others swiftly on the streets, and letting time past without realizing. When we found our roots in native Japan,  we touch upon the refined ease through timeless and minimalist silhouettes of Japanese traditions. Simple, yet functional and long lasting quality.

This is the start of s l o , the conscious lifestyle store.

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