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Cashmere Wool Socks

  • Happy feet, happy me!


    Made with high quality white cashmere from Mongolia and extra fine lamb’s wool. This material is woven with soft cashmere and insulating wool to provide the utmost comfort and warmth. These socks are ideal for the chilly seasons of autumn, winter and spring. Pair them with boots or sneakers for a stylish look that will keep your feet super warm.


    • Wool 67%, Cashmere 17%, Nylon 16%
    • Made and woven in Japan
    • Choose from 3 colours (light grey, charcoal, beige)
    • One size (EUR 36-40)
  • NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA is a Japanese sock company established in 1950 originally founded in Katsuragi, Nara prefecture. This third generation family owned company selects the finest natural material using 150 knitting machines, with both traditional and modern weaving techniques. Their concept "Haku hito no omoi" reflects on their connection with the wearer and the customer, providing long lasting socks that are comfortable for everyone special.


    We hope you find your socks that "make your day extraordinary".

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