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ILA Bracelet

  • Feminine bracelet with a tint of blue.


    These freshwater pearl and lapis lazuli bracelet set is your everyday summer staple.  Pearls are one-of-a-kind with an iridescent hue. 


    • Measures 7" length
    • Lapis Lazuli, Freshwater pearls
    • 9k gold closure
    • Handmade in London 
    • Pearls and stones are natural and slight variations will occur
  • Tahlais 


    Originally from Australia, Tahlai Viloria is the maker behind her brand Tahlais.  With her background in working for a fine jewelry brand, Tahlai self taught silversmithing and eventually created her jewelry brand as a conscious alternative to a fast fashion industry that drives over consumption. Her jewelry collection is built on the slow fashion philosophy, where all pieces are crafted by hand, materials are sourced locally in London, with an intention that considers both people and planet.


    Creating jewelry gave her a mindful and meditative practice; her inspiration for her pearl collections comes from her love and adoration of the ocean and its' natural landscapes.  She creates each piece by hand - hand carves, polishes, and cleans the wax and casts them locally.  Each jewelry is one-of-a-kind and unique, just as everything is in nature.

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