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Colourful Rice Wax Candle Set

  • Okome no Rousoku - These fun, tiny candles are made by natural rice wax. They are dipped in fun colourful natural dyes to make them look fun to the eyes! 


    As these tiny candles burn for 15min, they are perfect for your daily meditation or as a timer for taking short breaks, remembering to take things slow.


    These rice candles leave no traces of wax dripping nor emits smoke while burning; thus creates a clean and eco-friendly atmosphere for your home.


    • dia10 x h45mm
    • Duration 15 min
    • Box consist of 10 pc-pack
    • Ingredients: Rice wax, rush weed, WASHI-paper, silk fiber, natural dyes
    • Hand crafted in Japan
    • Exclusively goes with Ceramic Candle Holder, or a holder of your own.

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