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Koma Candle Stand

  • Suitable for your Takazawa candles and others.


    Handcrafted by Hisao Iwashimizu in Iwate prefecture, this "Nanbu-Tetsu" cast iron candle stand is made for use for Japanese candles. 


    Beautiful handmade craftmanship in its stable form.


  • Takazawa candle creates traditional Japanese candles called "WA-ROUSOKU", made from natural waxes since 1892 in Nanao (Ishikawa prefecture). In the early 16th century, the cultivation of haze (wax trees), a raw material used in wa-rousoku flourished in Kyushu and Shikoku bringing the resources to Nanao, where a group of craftsmen started to create candles for their homes.


    Wa-rousoku has two main characteriestics, their plant-based raw materials (haze trees, rice bran, washi paper) and their unique wick, which allows a brighter, powerful, longer flame. Takazawa candles had been creating these wa-rousoku for centuries protecting the tradition. 

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