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Tohaku Sumac Candles (Medium)

  • Fancy a sumac candle for your dining table?


    This candle was inspired by "The Pine Trees Screen" drawn by Tohaku Hasegawa who is one of the most famous painters in Japan. The pine trees in his painting are the landscape of Nanao, where these candles were crafted. The flame is an extension of the gentle lines of the trees, reminding you of a rustic simplicity.


    • dia1.9 x h11cm
    • Duration 130 min
    • Ingredients: wax - fruits of haze (sumac) tree, wick -rush weed, washi paper, silk fiber
    • Hand crafted in Japan
    • Box consist of 2 candles
    • Goes with KOMA Candle Stand
    • Compare with our smaller Sumac Candles

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