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Nanao Sumac Candles

  • NANAO - is the name of the city where these candles are crafted and inspired. The city is surrounded by sea and mountains, and is an origin of many plants that were the motif of these candles. 


    These candles are not only aesthetically beautiful but eco-friendly and sustainably pleasing. With the perfect balance of wick and wax, these candles will burn slowly and will create a cozy flame.


    *Each candle is named (P)(L)(A)(N)(T). Our favorite is (A)!


    • h19.8 x w15.2 x h2.4cm
    • Duration 130 min
    • Ingredients: wax - fruits of haze (sumac) tree, wick -rush weed, washi paper, silk fiber
    • Hand crafted in Japan
    • Box consist of 5 perfect imperfect candles
    • Goes with KOMA Candle Stand

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