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Supernova Earrings

  • Sophie Monet’s latest collection is designed to capture dreamy days at the beach - the wood sphere drops are inspired by rain drops and seashells. These light-weight statement earrings are hand sculpted in LA.


    An earring that provides the perfect transition from day to night.


    • Pine wood spheres
    • Onyx tear drop bead
    • 16k gold plated brass earring hook
    • Handmade in Venice, California
  • Designed by Sophie Monet Okulick, these handcrafted collection are a reflection of life spent around her father's studio, who is a sculptor. Using her father's scrap material, Sophie experienced with an affinity for the material’s endless design options and a desire to be mindful to sustainability - led Sophie to create her entire first collection, cut and crafted of wood.


    Sophie's workmanship bring bold and unique balance of wood, precious stones, and metals, sourcing inspiration from mid-century and natural references surrounding her.  


    All pieces are crafted from her studio in Venice, California.

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