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Matcha Spoon

  • Hand carved by Ibuki Kaiyama.


    Beautifully created and carved each pieces to suit the characteristics of the branch itself. These spoon can be used for scooping macha or sugar!


    • Choose from 3 different types of wood.
    • Hand carved in Nagano, Japan by artist Ibuki Kaiyama
    • Finished with food-safe vegetable oil.
    • Each spoon will be packaged with a fine cotton cloth perfect for gifting
    • (1)photo: Plum Tree 16cm length (entire spoon) x 4.9cm length (spoon) x 3cm wide (spoon)
    • (2)photo: Zelkova 16.4cm length (entire spoon) x 4.4cm length (spoon) x 4cm wide (spoon)
    • (3)photo: Enju 18.5cm length (entire spoon) x 4.5cm length (spoon) x 3.2cm wide (spoon)

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